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Software Localizer

This is an experimental software presently used only for the translation of No Hands Backup. It has proven very stable during beta testing but if any error messages appear please email me for detailed instruction on how to install dependency files (DAO).

Once installed the only documentation on how to use the program is in a help button on the main program window. Pressing it will display a series of help screens. If you need further assistance don't hesitate to email me. The program has a limited running time.

Application: Software Localizer
1.0 Revision 9
Size: 1.8 MB
Release date: 4 August 2004


3 September 2004 at 20:00 (final 2.7 lang. database version)
12 August 2004 at 13:30 (4 new posts in the databases)
5 August 2004 at 23:00 (15 new posts in the databases)
5 August 2004 at 00:15 (with better installation, deps. incl.)
4 August 2004 at 23:00 (with better instructions)


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