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Shared Address Book is a manager of common contact lists synchronized over the Internet. All you need is access to a FTP server. Send your FTP user name and password to the people you want to be able to connect to you contact storage and you're good to go. Everyone can add, edit and delete contact information.

Please note that Shared Address Book is an experimental application. Don't think of it as a finished product.

Program guide

Accounts on FTP servers can be created in two ways. First, any computer with a permanent IP number can act as a FTP host. Set up you're own FTP server using any of the many free hosting programs on the Internet. Secondly, FTP accounts are usually included in ISP (Internet Service Provider) contracts. Generally if you have the possibility to create a homepage you also have access to a FTP account (it's the place you store your html files). Use one of these options. Contact info will be held in .sab files (plain text files) stored on the FTP home directory.

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