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3.1 Patch History

Version 3.1.16, released on 13 December 2002. Added an export folder tree function to the browse dialog.

Version 3.1.15, released on 17 July 2002. Added a 'Make, and then open, catalogue' button, and also a 'Browse...' button in the preferences dialog.

Version 3.1.14, released on 4 June 2002. After having read some user comments at I've simplified the search function a bit. Power users should uncheck the new checkbox found in the search dialog. Also a bug has been fixed that caused program shutdown when opening a catalog file made on another language version of Windows.

Version 3.1.13, released on 10 May 2002. This patch is released to cover the most basic of your export needs. A HTML format file list of the catalogue can now be created.

Version 3.1.12, released on 5 May 2002: The patch is released to remove the time limit of the program. 3.1.12 also fixes an error (Run-time error 429 ActiveX component can't create object) related to a problem with the registration of dependency file scrrun.dll (check the preferences dialog).

Version 3.1.11, released on 2 May 2002: Fixes a relatively uncommon bug that caused a runtime 6 (overflow) error when making a second catalog. If the catalog marking where made in some unusual format then the program locked when trying to suggest a new marking based on the first "corrupt" one.

What's New in OCDB 3.1

  • Great new look!
  • Full compatibility with Windows 98 and later
  • Drive/catalog matching
  • Bookmarks
  • Optional user info reporting
  • Sound effects
  • Overall improvements in stability and user interface
  • New installation procedure
  • Customizable catalog storage path (due to massive public demand)
  • Ability to launch any file from within the catalog
  • A (modest) print option (due to massive public demand)

News in version 3.0
  • Ability to Catalogue Specific Folder (not Only Whole Drives)
  • Ability to Encrypt / Decrypt Catalogues
  • OCDB Communication Centre
  • Ability to Edit Catalogue Details
  • Extended ability to Update Catalogues
  • Smaller Catalogue Files (only half as big as the old ones)
  • Faster programming
  • Extended Context Menus
  • Extended customization possibilities
  • Improved Information Flow
  • GUI Improvements
  • Endless numbers of bug fixes. Among many others the notorious disc-not-ready bug and the 380 Invalid Property error (Thanks Roxton & Kyle)
(c) 2006 Anders Petersson
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