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NH Backup 3.0 is here!
- 25 April 2005 -

NH Backup 3.0 is finally here, with a whole range of new, exciting features:

  • Faster backups: benchmarks puts the improvements at more than 60 times faster than version 2.9!
  • Web logs: Logs of backups can be posted on a web page. Very useful for administrators, being able to verify backup results without expecting each computer at site. One-click setup.
  • Email notification: Get notified by email when your backups have ran.
  • New look: A new nice user interface. Especially the backup progress is displayed in a more useful fashion.
  • Complete history: NH Backup now keeps a complete record of all backup launches.
  • Improved filters: better possibilities to specify which files/folders to include/exclude from the backup.
  • Better schedule: scheduling is now easier to oversee and configure.

And NH Backup has got its own new web page at!


No Hands Backup 3.0 nearing release - testers wanted
- 14 March 2005 -

The development of NHB is proceeding nicely and has gotten to the beta testing phase. If you are interested in trying out the new version and to have a say in its design, drop me an email and I'll send you a link.

New features to look forward to:

  • Web logs: view backup results online.

  • Faster backups. Benchmark (backing up 18 000 files, 1.8 GB):  

    • First backup run (everything is backed up):

      NHB version 2.9: 42 minutes.

      NHB version 3.0 (beta): 11 minutes. (almost 4 times faster.)

    • Second backup run (nothing is backed up):

      NHB version 2.9: 36 minutes.

      NHB version 3.0 (beta): 35 seconds. (62 times faster.)

    The results are not typos.


Get the newsletter!
- 5 March 2005 -

Recently I have received a number of requests for a newsletter. And so, as of today, it's possible to subscribe to the anders software newsletter. The newsletter will go out only when there is a new release (my guess is five, six times per year). Just like this site the newsletters will be ad-free and contain only info about my software.

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New low price

- 7 February 2005 -

I've decided to keep the special holiday discount of $14 US as the new standard price of No Hands Backup. The price might go up again when the new version arrives, but until then it will stay at 14 bucks.


Version 2.9 of No Hands Backup is here
- 12 December 2004 -

Password protection of backups is now possible (but with a low level of security). Improved backup compression (zip), some bug fixes, minor enhancement by popular demand and smoother installation have also been added.

Holiday discount: $14 US.

No Hands Backup 2.8 released
- 15 October 2004 -

Two new exciting features:

  • AutoRun feature enables backup sets to start automatically when flash drives, removable hard drives, MP3 players, etc. connect to the computer.
  • Smart drive recognition makes NHB recognize backup destination or source drives by their serial number or volume label - and not by their drive letter (which might be unstable for removable drives).

Read more about the new version.


No Hands Backup 2.7 re-pack
- 13 September 2004 -

Some minor language confusions in the new version prompted a re-pack of the installation package. No new features since the original 2.7 release.

Translators still needed.

No Hands Backup version 2.7 is out!
- 31 August 2004 -

Version 2.7 has been released. The program does now have multi-language capabilities. So far only one additional language is supported: Swedish. The program and the documentation has been released in Swedish, and a Swedish homepage is up and running. More languages to come, primarily French, Spanish and Polish. Translators still needed.

English speaking users are free to download version 2.7 but I don't think there will be too many new features - mainly minor GUI and stability enhancements, and a new help file.

No Hands Backup online help
- 29 August 2004 -

The documentation of NHB has been made available online. It should answer the most frequently asked questions on how to use the program. If not, support@anderssoftware is always a good source for information ;)

No Hands Backup ready for translation
- 4 August 2004 -

The code behind No Hands Backup has now been adjusted to support different languages. The actual translation however is left to do. Anyone feeling like helping out can visit the translation page or email me for further instructions. I would very much appreciate any help with this work.

Web page face lift
- 26 July 2004 -

Launched a new version of today, the third remake since the start in 2000. Mostly however I'm working on the translation of No Hands Backup. It looks like it will be finished sometime August.

Multi language support under way
- 1 June 2004 -

I'm currently working on a language database to No Hands Backup. Support for French, Spanish, Chinese and Swedish will hopefully be added sometime July or August.

NHB bug fixed

- 8 February 2004 -

A runtime 13 error in the latest build fixed. Error appeared in backup result screen, after backup was finished. Didn't affect backup results or behavior but caused program shutdown.

NHB new function: Auto dismiss result screen

- 23 January 2004 -

Added a minor function making it possible to automatically dismiss the result screen that is displayed after the backup is finished. This can be helpfull if the computer is running lots of backups unattended. Also cleared up the 'Properties' dialog interface. Hope you like it; NHB 2.5, revision 8.


Emails lost - Try again!

- 15 January 2004 -

Most support emails from december and january has been lost in a system breakdown. Those of you that haven't recieved any reply, email me again and I'll make sure to answer. Thanks for your patience.

New functions in NHB - Timestamps

- 10 December 2003 -

Now you can have No Hands Backup create multiple backups. When a backup is run the target folder (or zip file) can be named by the current date and time. Also, the HTML log file is improved and the log file path bug is fixed.

Zip compression improved

- 16 November 2003 -

New install package for No Hands Backup. Fixes the bug that, on some machines, caused the zip compression option not to work. Then whole backup ran through but no zip archive were actually created. This has now been corrected.

NHB 2.5 is released
- 12 October 2003 -

Revision 4 is out. Schedule bug fixed, command line execution bux fixed (runtime error 91). NHB seems to be working perfectly.

- 9 October 2003 -
The new version is finally released! NHB is packed with new function and a fresh new interface. The new version includes zip compression support, scheduling, better logs and information & faster and more reliable backup. And much, much more.

NHB commersial release
- 11 September 2003 -
I've devoted spring and summer to transform No Hands Backup to a commercial software. In two to four weeks there will be a new web site and a new version of NHB, with many new powerful features. It will not be totally free, but nearly so. Stay tuned. Why no more freeware?

Patch links fixed
- 12 April 2003 -
Fixed the broken patch links today. Otherwise development & support is virtually still standing for now. Regrettably.

NHB beta 6 is out Download NHB 2.6 beta
- 03 March 2003 -
All of you who didn't get NHB to acctually COPY the files, and only got some empty folders, should be pleased with this new beta. Now NHB should be fully compatable with all versions of Windows after Win95. Also added some enhanced pattern settings. (Updated 4th March.)

Slow programming
- 26 February 2003 -
My studies are getting more demanding and regretably I'm finding it harder and harder to find the time to keep programming. Setting the new version of NHB straight is a priority though, as is launching the new generation of OCDB (that is quite powerful I must say). Please bare with me.

- 21 December 2002 -
All support and development is suspended during the holidays. I'll be back in mid Januari. Thanks to all of you for a great year - 2002 was by far the best year yet for Offline CD Browser, No Hands Backup, PrioSet & Shared Address Book. I hope I'll see you all on the other side of new years.

Fifth NHB beta is out Download NHB beta 5
- 13 December 2002 -
Beta number 5 fixes the file mask error (the include/exclude file name pattern didn't work properly). Also adds tray icon support. Get it now.

Minor OCDB update (3.1.16) Download OCDB patch
- 13 December 2002 -
3.1.16 adds a export folder tree function to the browse dialog. Thats all. Download it if it's what you need.

Fourth (and I think last) NHB 2.5 BETA is out Download NHB BETA
- 5 December 2002 -
Fixed some simple runtime error bugs, polished the network compatability a bit, and the beta is pretty much ready to be released as a final version. I would like some more user testing before that though so download it and send me some feedback.

Third NHB 2.5 BETA out Download NHB BETA
- 21 November 2002 -
Fixed some installation errors that made NHB not run on most computers. Added network compatability, some eye candy (a third progress bar), a dussin or so different smart functions, and increased speed with about 500%. I would really like your opinions before the final release comes. Download it and send me some feedback.

Second NHB 2.5 BETA out Download NHB 2.5 beta
- 17 November 2002 -
This version is rather close to a final release. There is not too many bugs and it's perfectly reliable as far as I can see. I would really like your opinions on this one. Download it and send me an email of features you would like to have added.

First NHB 2.5 BETA out Download NHB 2.5 beta
- 14 November 2002 -
I know you've all been waiting a long time for the upcoming version of NHB. It is not ready to be properly released yet, but I'm making a BETA version avaliable. This BETA is NOT reliable and should be used for testing only. Seriously - make sure you're not backing up important files. Suggestions and bug reports are more than welcome. Thanks!

Changed support policy - AGAIN
- 13 October 2002 -
The support emails weren't as many as I had feared, so I'm undoing the latest post: The email address can still be used for support (although the forum is preferred for general questions). You might have to wait though.

Changed support policy
- 11 October 2002 -
My software has become increasingly popular, and as happy as I am about that, it has also increased support demand. I have been ducking support email for a month now but am realizing that I won't have time to answer them. therefore I am directing all questions to the forum. Sorry about this, but it will give me more time to develop the software you appear to enjoy :)

New domain name:
- 1 October 2002 -
With the help from I have been able to create a short web redirect adress: The old domain of will still be avaliable. Hopefully now the site will be easier to find and the adress easier to remember.

Offline CD Browser installation fixedDownload
- 21 July 2002 -
A corrupt installation package, missing one of the necessary dependency files, has been on the server for three days. One system file slipped away during compilation, but I've recompiled it now and the fixed one is in place. All of you how have downloaded the installation package during the last couple of days will have to download it again. Sorry about this. My thanks to Rino for pointing it out to me.

Offline CD Browser patch released (3.1.15) Download
- 17 July 2002 -
Added a 'Make, and then open, catalogue' button, and also a 'Browse...' button in the preferences dialog. Also rebuilt the installation package to include the new exe.

Freeware Hall of Fame added Freeware Hall of Fame
- 2 July 2002 -
There are plenty of applications out there that don't get the attention they deserve. This is especially true with a program I stumbled over the other day. It is a philanthropic peer-to-peer programs that is design to help the research for a cure for AIDS. If you haven't already you should download it NOW! It's the best written philanthropic app I've ever seen and it enables you to help in this very important undertaking. You can join my team as well.

No Hands Backup patch released (2.0.21) Download
- 1 July 2002 -
This patch adds some features: 1) Program options are introduced, four of them so far, 2) the running backup window has been given a new look and more details, and can be shown in detailed or plain mode, 3) a how to-guide (on how to schedule) has been added and 4) to assist new users a glossary is included. Simply download the new executable file and overwrite the old one. The setup package has been rebuilt to include this patch.

No Hands Backup patch released (2.0.20)
- 29 June 2002 -
This patch adds some features: 1) Backup sets can be set to start minimized, 2) property dialog of backup sets available to add easy overview, 3) startup of backup sets from within NHB can be made as in the current instance, or as a new one, 4) backup progress bars are more accurate and 5) main window position is remembered. This patch also involves the most extensive code restructuring since the 2.0 final (but not much of it is noticeable to the user).

No Hands Backup patch released (2.0.19)
- 19 June 2002 -
This patch fixes a long lived bug that caused NHB to crash when a root (for example 'E:\') is selected as backup destination. This error should have been corrected long ago. Also a advice dialog added when trying to run the exe file out of the application folder.

No Hands Backup patch released (2.0.18)
- 9 June 2002 -
This patch fixes a bug that could raise an error when backing up files from a compressed volumes. Also adds some more advanced error handling. My thanks to John Wagner for debugging.

Offline CD Browser patch released (3.1.14) Download
- 4 June 2002 -
After having read some user comments at I've simplified the search function a bit. Power users should uncheck the new checkbox found in the search dialog. Also a bug has been fixed that caused program shutdown when opening a catalog file made on another language version of Windows. Simply download the new executable file and overwrite the old one. Download the patch.

New OCDB & NHB setup process
- 1 June 2002 -
This update makes the installation processes more friendly to earlier versions of Windows. I have changed the date stamps of the system files in the setup package so that the system files on the destination (your computer) won't be overwritten that easy. The latest patches has been included, but no other change is made to the actual programs.

The site gets a new look
- 26 May 2002 -
This web site got a face lift today. I added more graphics and a welcome screen, skipped the dark background image, made som animations and tried to make the text less crouded. Navigation links is now at the to of the page and not along the left side. The site is a bit slower than before, but the animations is only 18 kb, so I think you can handle it. I hope you like it.

News alert: Rising costs - donations required
- 23 May 2002 -
I have been offering my software for free for two and a half years, but as costs are increasing I have to seek alternative, and less attractive, ways to run this business. In hope that I won't be forced to release limited shareware versions or demos, I've created a PayPal donation account. A handful 10$-donation per week and OCDB, NHB, PS and SAB will all continue to be freeware. It's fast, secure, and all major credit cards are supported. Don't make me charge you all.

9 US$ to keep the software free
All programs are free, but I could really use your donations.

Mirror web server found >
- 18 May 2002 -
Since my Internet Server Provider has been a bit unreliable lately, I have found an alternative web server. This is not a long term solution, so it might not be such a good idea to start linking to the other site. But those of you who ALWAYS has to be able to go here, now can place the secondary site in your favorites. Go there now. The primary adress continues to be (still misspelled).

OCDB patch released (3.1.13)
- 10 May 2002 -
OCDB version 3.1.13 is released to cover the most basic of your export needs. A HTML format file list of the catalogue can now be created. This is obviously only the first stumbling step of a coming decent export function.

OCDB patch released (3.1.12)
- 05 May 2002 -
OCDB version 3.1.12 is released to remove the time limit of the program. OCDB 3.1 will now run forever, and not stop working after a year like earlier version did. It also fixes an error (Run-time error 429 ActiveX component can't create object) related to a problem with the registration of dependency file scrrun.dll (check the preferences dialog).

OCDB patch released (3.1.11)
- 02 May 2002 -
OCDB version 3.1.11 is released to fix a relatively uncommon bug that caused a runtime 6 (overflow) error when making a second catalog. If the catalog marking where made in some unusual format then the program locked when trying to suggest a new marking based on the first "corrupt" one.

Discussion board added
- 28 Apr 2002 -
As an experimental attempt to lessen the support burden, I've created a forum for questions and answers. I prefer if issues of general nature are directed to this message board. As an incentive I will answer the board questions faster than I do the email questions. (My thanks to Philip Greenspun for hosting a free service without ads.) The board is up and running, take a look.

Decline in programming
- 21 Apr 2002 -
As my studies are getting more demanding I have less and less time to spend on the development of my applications. I try to find the time to keep answering the support emails, but I haven't written any code for weeks now, and I don't see this changing any time soon.

Troubleshooter web page added
- 20 Apr 2002 -
Some reports have come in that OCDB don't work properly on some, mainly older, versions of Windows. The number of users concerned is very low, but there is now a short walkthrough of measures to take. Users experiencing program crashes should check it out.

Alternative download site added
- 3 Apr 2002 -
Since the reliability of my ISP has been less than perfect lately, an alternative download site has been found. The new mirror site is temporary and it is not recommended to distribute the alternative links as they are likely to change often and without warning. My thanks to all of you reporting the faulty stability.

No Hands Backup 2.0 final release available Download
- 24 Mar 2002 -
The new version of NHB brings only a few addition to the latest beta: A couple of bug fixes and enhanced automation features. NHB can now in advance be told what action to perform when the backup process has finished. Users of version 1.15 will notice a great number of enhancements. Read more about NHB 2.0 or download it directly.

SAB 1.0 New application available - Shared Address Book 1.0 Download
- 19 Mar 2002 -
Shared Address Book is a manager of common contact lists synchronized over the Internet. All you need is access to a FTP server. Send your FTP user name and password to the people you want to be able to connect to you contact storage and you're good to go. Everyone can add, edit and delete contact information. Read more about SAB or download it directly.

All software still free
- 17 Mar 2002 -
Since the start, December 2000, all my software have been free. No ads, no limitations in duration or functions, no payments or disturbance of any kind; and I have no plans to change this. I am however adding an option to compensate me for the thousands of hours invested in OCDB, NHB and PrioSet. A donation of 5 to 10 US$ (or corresponding value in any currency) can now be sent to me by mail. More info.

- 16 Mar 2002 -
Now that Microsoft Visual Studio .NET has been released Offline CD Browser is being upgraded to .NET code. This is quite a task though since the program languages and keywords has been altered quite a bit. If everything goes fine eventually OCDB will be able to capitalize on the added features in MSVS .NET.

OCDB compatibility issues fixed
- 15 Mar 2002 -
Ever since the start there has been different problems for some users to install Offline CD Browser and get it to run. Dependency file version conflicts has resulted in automation errors and the like. The source of the problem has finally been located and 3.1 now runs perfectly on Windows 98 and later. The 3.1 download link has been updated with the new setup package.

Offline CD Browser 3.1 final release Download OCDB 3.1 final release
- 11 Mar 2002 -
The final release offers all the new features of the second beta (see below) and also a new installation procedure, customizable catalog storage path, ability to launch any file from within the catalog, and a (modest) print option. Get it now.

New installation program
- 22 Feb 2002 -
A new installation program is being tested on users who've been experiencing problems with registration or installation of dependency files. If you get error messages regarding missing or too old files (primarily OCDB users running old versions of Windows) you might have better luck with this new installation program. Send me an email and I'll provide you with a download link.

Offline CD Browser 3.1 beta 2 released Download OCDB 3.1 beta 1
- 24 Jan 2002 -
The installation procedure has now been made completely safe; no system files are overwritten during installation. Just like the former beta, OCDB 3.1 brings drive/catalog matching, bookmarks, optional user info reporting, sound effects and overall improvements in stability and user interface. Any comments on the beta before 3.1 is made final would be highly appreciated. Get it now.

PrioSet 1.0 New application available - PrioSet 1.0 Download
- 19 Jan 2002 -
PrioSet is a simple program launcher that let you set the system level priority of any application. PrioSet can relieve your processor by lowering the share of resources that goes into background processes. Just set their priority to 'Idle' and they won't bother you anymore. You can also make sure the CD burner program gets enough processor power by selecting 'Real time' mode. (PrioSet has only been tested on Windows XP. No system files will be overwritten during installation.) Download.

Offline CD Browser 3.1 beta 1 discontinued
- 17 Jan 2002 -
After several severe bug reports OCDB 3.1 beta 1 is withdrawn. A number of users have had system instabilities correlating with the beta and to spare others trouble the beta is discontinued. Never the less, the work on version 3.1 goes on. In the meantime final release version 3.0 is recommended.

ISP issues
- 16 Jan 2002 -
For the first time in over one year the site went dead as my Internet service provider Spray experienced some kind of technical problems. From 01:00 to 20:00 (Greenwich Mean Time) all Spray costumer sites was unable to receive traffic. The error seams now resolved.

Bugs found in Offline CD Browser 3.1 beta 1
- 16 Jan 2002 -
A number of Windows 95 and 98 users have reported severe bugs the OCDB 3.1 beta 1. I will let the link stay alive, but users inclined to download and install should be aware of the risks associated with the overwriting of system files during the installation. Choosing 'skip overwriting' brings risks down close to zero.

OCDB get's gnomed
- 14 Jan 2002 -

Lockergnome's Award [...] how then do you find a specific file quickly and easily? The answer: use this incredible indexer. With the Offline CD Browser, you can catalog your compact disc collection and find that info without having anything resting on your CD tray. You can also encrypt, decrypt, and edit each entry's details. The more CDs you own, the more you need this tool. Read the whole article. The influential software site Lockergnome recommends Offline CD Browser and includes it in Lockergnome's weekly digest that goes out to 250 000 readers.


Offline CD Browser 3.1 beta 1 is available
- 6 Jan 2002 -
The beta is working properly but has not undergone all beta-testing required for a final release. Drive/catalog matching, bookmarks, optional user info reporting, sound effects and overall improvements in stability and user interface are some of the advantages with the new version. Users of Offline CD Browser will find it well worth the downloading time.

The site gets a new look
- 5 Jan 2002 -
Yes, after more than a year in white and green, the site is now grey. Comments? (You won't get any Flash or animations. I don't know anything about HTML, I don't enjoy writing it, this is the best I can do and I ain't planning on learning more. Sorry.)

No Hands Backup 2.0 Beta 4has been released! Download
- 4 Jan 2002 -
A new user interface and compatibility with larger setup pack are some of the new features. Download it now and take the chance to make comments on it before the final version is released. Beta version 4 fixes the dir and file renaming bug that appeared when whole drive was selected as source.


Offline CD Browser 3.0 has been released Download
- 21 Oct 2001 -

OCDB program description
OCDB is now faster, easier, better looking, more stabil, and still comes free and without ads. Read more about it or download it directly.


(c) 2006 Anders Petersson
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